Coronavirus: How China’s neighbor country Taiwan, stoped the spreading of coronavirus. It will shock you.

How taiwan stopped coronavirus

You will be amazed to know how Taiwan stopped the spread of coronavirus in their country.

You must check these few points before we start to discuss these critical issues around the world.

  • Taiwan has reported 236 cases of coronavirus.
  • You must know Taiwan has a population of 20 million, but Spain has a population of 40 million, but the cases are reported there is 42 thousand which is a really big number.
  • The security of Taiwan started making masks and sanitizers in their factory when they came to know about the first case in January.
  • Overall it means Taiwan gets alert after hearing this news as India did.

Brief Description of how Taiwan saved themself from spreading coronavirus.

The distance of Tawain from China is just 110 miles apart. The first case was reported in Taiwan in the last of January month before this in China it all started. Now if you look China has reported 85 thousand cases of Covid 19 but Taiwan reported 236 only. Taiwan just overcomes the fear of Coronavirus just because one reason that is precaution is better than cure.

Taiwan has very fewer resources as compared with China, even though Taiwan has controlled the speeding coronavirus. Taiwan when first came to know about the cases of coronavirus in china they immediately started making new concepts to stop this virus. They started taking thermal screening test whoever comes to the airport in Taiwan.

There were many steps taken by the Taiwan government to stop this pandemic disease.

Step 1: They immediately blocked all the malls, restaurants, pubs, or all the public places that count more than 10 people at once.

Step 2: They took this virus seriously at the first stage, which means they didn’t go outside for any small reason.

Step 3: The government of Taiwan immorality starts the testing of people who were kept under self-isolation, more than one lakh taste was performed just to get alert during this situation.

Step 4: All the public places were sealed by the cops of Taiwan. No external people from different cities will enter Taiwan during this lockdown period.

These were the safety major that Taiwan took to stop this spreading virus. So our county India too started the early precaution from this virus. I request you all the please take this example from Taiwan and save thousands life around you.

I urge you to stat at home to be safe. Share it with your friends and ask them to stay at home without any further decision taken by the government of India. Maintain social distancing. WHO advice for public

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