How to earn money online at home? 10 easy ways

earn money at home

Look on the Internet you will find out so many ways of earning money online, but know is going to help you to earn money online. So the concept of this blog is to guide you step bu step procedure of earning money online. This is very common question that how to earn money online, how to make money, how you get money online and balla bala…

So no bluff but the exact ways of earning money online will be reveled in this blog. You will be knowing 10 ways to earn money at home, because if we teach you one way, may be you won’t be familiar about this, so to guide you fully you will learn 10 ways.


(YouTube Channel), Yes you heard right, you will have to create a YouTube Channel. Look if you really wanna earn some good money, you will have to have two things one mobile phone or a laptop with an internet connection. And the most important thing is you will have to be continuous in this process. Means if you really wanna make some difference in this.

first way to earn money online at home

2) Blogging

Yes you heard it write, if you are really passionate about writing, you will defiantly be earning good amount of money in one month. Look I am gonna share how much on average a blogger earns from his blog. I am going to share my research on that.

I started Blogging in 2019. It is about to complete one year. As you must be wondering, how much a blogger earns from his blogs? So There is a simple answer to this question is that you will earn, more than you expect. In Indian people are earning more than 10 lakhs a month and this is not fake this is a real stat. Look everything depends on your consistency in this field. If you put a blog everyday for at least two month means 60 blogs, trust me you will generate great income. But you will have to take one thing in mind that you need to decide on a niche. Here is the image of popular bloggers in India.

I can not provide you the link of his website but this is the real stat. Now come to the point, how much I earn from blogging and what are the techniques you too should use to earn a lot of money from blogging.

My Income in one week from blogging is $150 approx.

These figures change from time to time. This is the income from my blogging perspective only. I upload 3 blogs a week and approx 15 blogs a month.

So now I will guide you on how you should start a blogging career?

  • First of all, you need to think about the domain name of your website.
  • After that, you need to start making your WordPress website for blogging.
  • WordPress is the famous blogging software, more than 90% of people are using WordPress.
  • Just set up a WordPress website. If you do not know how to make a blogging website you can visit my youtube channel I will guide you step by step how to make a blogging website in just 20 min.
  • After setting up a WordPress website you need to think about a niche on what you are going to write.
  • Important note friends always write your blog one niche which is very important. These days people start writing on every topic on just one website which is really not effective. Like if you start a blogging website you should write on one nice like Tech, News, Movies, Reviews, etc. But select one niche only.
  • Important tips always write your blog in simple English so that a 10th standard student can understand what you are writing.
  • Also setup, an affiliate account, list all products on your website to earn more money.

If you face any problem please do comment below I will help you to set up your blogging website. If you want me to make your Blogging website Do comment below. I will develop a WordPress website for you.

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Also, check my latest blog here.

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3) Sell your products online

If you are selling anything offline, you need to shift that offline selling to online selling in order to increase you sales. Look I am not telling you to close your offline work. “Aap kaam ko start kar sakte ho aasani se”. You can easily make a website and start selling online. This is as easy as making Rasna at home.

So what you need to do to sell your products online?

  • You need to have a website
  • For a website, you need to buy Hosting and Domain names first.
  • Domain name examples: anything
  • Hosting where your website files will be there.
  • After these two steps, you need to make a website using WordPress
  • Which will be free of cost
  • And list your products and start selling online
Sell your product online to earn money

Look if you guys want us to create a website for your business simply comment below or call us now. +91 9017737795.

Check out website examples here. First website and Second website. You will get a website similar to these two website with payment gateway.

4) Be a social media Influencer

If you are passionate about clicking good pictures, just start social media accounts. There are so many social media company are there, but you need to create an account of the follow:-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

If you have already these accounts you can follow further steps I am gonna discuss in this blog.

5) Sell your video lecture

6) Online Teaching

7) Website Development (WordPress)

8) Social Media Page Handling

9) Graphics Designing

10) Content Writing

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