How to change computer language

how to change computer language

Hey, today you will learn how to change computer language. Look there are so many people who are not able to read write in English. So for those, there is one option that they can change the language in their computer system. Why you need to change your computer language. There are few reason for that you need to change your computer or a desktop language.

  1. whether you are not familiar with the current language of your computer.
  2. or you want to write something else in a different language.
  3. So you will be able to change your computer language to your favorite language you want.

Follow a few simple steps to change languages in your computer system. (window)

How to change pc language (steps explained below).

Step 1: Slide right on your mouse, you will see this block open at the right side you can search setting in the system.

Look setting option click on that.

Step 2: Once you will click on the setting option you will be able to see Change pc setting. Click on that. Shown below.

Click on pc settings

Step 3: After clicking on the change pc setting you will see a lot of options on the left side shown below, Just select Time and languages.

Click on Time and language

Step 4: Once you click on time and language you will be able to see region and language you will have to select that to change your pc setting.

click on region and language.

Step 5: After step four you will see language adding option shown below just click on that.

Click on add a language option.

Step 6: Once you select Add a language option you will be able to see a bunch of languages option on your laptop or pc shown below.

Select your preferred language.

Step 7: Select your choice of language shown above. Once you will select any language you want you will have to switch off your laptop or desktop. after doing so start your system again to see language has been changed.

Set as a primary language.

Your language has been changed to whatever language you were expecting to type in your system. Now you will be able to type Hindi on your laptop or desktop…

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