How to read anyone’s WhatsApp messages

how to read onyone's whatsapp messages

Look there only one genuine way to read anyone’s WhatsApp messages on your laptop.

Look this question arises when you are finally out of your mind, I mean obviously you should not read anyone’s personal chat. Because everyone has their own personal space in their lives. So I guess you guys should not try to read anyone’s WhatsApp or any personal chat. But if you guys need to know about others’ lives personal things like how to read WhatsApp messages to your phone or laptop.

Let’s jump into it. For that, you will have a phone or a laptop. Follow a few simple steps to read anyone’s WhatsApp messages on your phone or on your laptop.

You only need the phone for which you want to read WhatsApp messages for 2 min only after getting the phone you will have to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: You need to open the WhatsApp web in your browser or on your laptop.

Click here to open

Step 2: Step two which has shown in this above image, You will have to click on the menu or setting and select WhatsApp web.

Step 3: This is an important step just point your phone to she bar code you see on another device. Scan that to get see messages on your phone or laptop.

Once you will scane that you will now be able to see all messages on your phone browser like you will get full access. Please do not do this for any illegal work. Also, do not try to hurt anyone. This will affect badly anyone.

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