India Bans TikTok Including 59 Chinese Applications, UC Browser, SHAREit, etc.

India bans Chinese apps. To Kaise ho aap log, Yes you read it correct our Government bans TikTok Including 59 Chinese Applications on Monday 2020, June, like UC Browser, SHAREit, Like, etc. You will see all the list below. So guys do not forget to share this news with your friends and excite theme too. This is great news in this lock-down that the Indian Government Banned all Chinese apps from India.

Source Twitter. ZEE NEWS ENGLISH.
The Government of India has banned 59 mobile apps including TikTok, UC Browse
India bans Chinese apps. List of all banned Chinese applications from India.
Source : Twitter

India bans Chinese apps. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has stated that those applications were misguiding users by taking permission to access all the mobile data. So there were so many reasons to block all those Chinese applications.

Guys you too knew about the concern of Boycott Chinese products now our government came to this concern that they need to ban all those Chinese applications from India. This is the best news in this lockdown so far. We are happy to see these steps taken by our government.

The Ministry of Information Technology also added that it has received many complaints from various sources including several reports about the misuse of users’ data in some other formate. Some applications have found out selling your data outside of India without informing the users.

So because of so many complaints, our government decided not to use these applications now in India.

Its Benefits:- India Banks TikTok Including 59 Chinese Applications

  • All the revenues Chinese company generating will stop now onwards.
  • People will not be having any issues while using mobile applications regarding your personal data.
  • This will indefinably hit hard to the Chinese government.
  • Also, the Chinese economy will go down after this step

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9 thoughts on “India Bans TikTok Including 59 Chinese Applications, UC Browser, SHAREit, etc.”

  1. Best decison but more to come against Chinese government. We must not stop here we must boycott the goods too to our best to support this country and also for future fortune for our beloved country. Jai hind !

  2. Great initiative has been Taken by the Government. 👍

    United we stand and divided we fall 🤘🤙

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