BIG BOSS 13: Madhurima Tuli will be out after she breaks a frying pan while hitting Vishal Aditya Singh for no reason?

Salman Khan the host of Big Boss will really get disappointed if he sees this type of behavior in the house of Big Boss. As this behavior I guess won’t be entertained anymore. You guys must be knowing about the relation between Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli. Their relationship is not working anymore they are not in love with each other.

This weekend Salman Khan will definitely rebuke booth of the theme. Maybe both will be out of the show.

Madhurima Tuli Big Boss 13

Big Boss 13 found another fight between Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh. As they say, were a formal couple that means Vishal Aditya Singh Used to date Madhurima Tuli. After seeing this bad fight once again it was really bad for all the viewers who see Big Boss with family and friends. After this behavior, we all guess this weekend Salman Khan will definitely kick Madhu out of the show.

After this fight, Big Boss warned booth of them not do repeat this again in the Big Boss house. Vishal started saying I want to leave the show right now, then Big Boss gave Vishal two options whether to take punishment according to me or you can immediately leave this house. Big Boss locked booth of theme into a jail till this weekend.

Check out this little clip from Big Boss 13 hose.

Madhurima Tuli hitting Vishal on his bum.

This fight all happened because of no reason. Rashmi, Madhuraima, Aasim, and Vishal was sitting together. Rashmi Desai said Vishal can make tea for me Vishal said no I won’t again Rashmi said please make a tea for me Vishal. Vishal agreed with this he stood up and was going to make a tea for her. Meanwhile, Mahurima also said make two cups please then Vishal said no I won’t make two cups. After this they started to say “chaj jaa na bana de na.”.. Vishal said, Bhak nikal tu edhar se.

It was very normal but after this Vishal Put water on Madhurima then Madhu also stood up and started to put water to Vishal also. At last, Madhu said please end this Vishal didn’t stop he again put some water to Madhu’s face. This time Madhu took a frying pan and started hitting Vishal’s Bum with a full swim. In this pan got to break. So this was all scene. you guys decide whether this was a good science or bad. What will be the consequences of this?

You can see this full episode here. Click here to see the full episode on Voot.

Comment your thoughts and share. Also, comment who will be the winner of this Big Boss house.

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