Top Places to visit in Samastipur

samastipur city

If you are new to Samastipur you should little aware of this beautiful city. This is a beautiful city and municipality cooperation of Bihar. You should know how many top places are there to visit in SamastipurI. n Samastipur district you will see a Rail Mandal which is the biggest rail Mandal in Eastern Railway located near the Backside of the railway gate.

Also, this city comes under Darbhanga Commisenary. You must know Samastipur junction is one of the cleanest railway junctions because of Darbhanga Commisenary, in the entire eastern railway. It has the longest river flow that is Budhi Gandak which comes from the Nepal side. Few important points about Samastipur.

  • The area of Samastipur is approx 2,905 Kilometer square spread.
  • The population of Samastipur is about 62,503. (Data can be changed by time (2019)).
  • Pin code of Samastipur 848101
  • Formed in 1972

Now let’s see the top places to visit in Samastipur.

Place 1: Manipur Temple: This is the very famous Temple in Samastipur, as said by many people if you ask anything to god there, you will get in your life. I believe in this temple. You guys must visit Manipur Temple Because whatever you wish in this temple you get that in your life. Click here to see the direction

Manipur Temple samastipur
Manipur Temples Samastipur

Place 2: Khatu Shyam Mandir: Khatu Syam Mandir is a very famous Temple in Samastipur established in 1991. In this temple, you will find out Bhole Naath and Ganesh Ji. You will a marriage hall inside the temple. More than 200 marriages have done here.

Khatu Shayam Temple Samastipur
Khatu Shyam Temple Samastipur

Place 3: Thaneshwar Asthan Temple: Thaneshwar Asthan temple is a very famous temple of Lord Shiva because of it the oldest temple of Lord Shiva. Must visit Thaneshwar Temple near the Samastipur railway bridge. After overbridge, you will see that temple.

Thaneshwar Asthan Temple samastipur

Place 4: Pusa Farm Samastipur:

More places to add… coming soon. Or you can suggest us to add any new place. Do comment below.

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