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Selecting a stream after the 10th is really a difficult task because that acts as the foundation of your career. Students who choose science, commerce & arts have different career options here we will help you to choose the best option for you. We will be discussing which stream is best after the 10th class?

best stream after class 10th

After 10th! One thing which parents ask first is what next? Choosing a stream after 10th is really difficult for students because that decision will make or break their career. Science, Commerce & Arts are the options available to students and each consist of a lot of career opportunities, but each student should choose according to their interested subject.

which stream is best after 10th class

Many students have a very clear goal in their life but a lot of students got stuck while choosing their career after 10th, which acts as a very important foundation of a career. A right decision can make your career or a wrong decision can put you in trouble.

Which stream should you choose science, commerce, or arts? 

A lot of options are available in each of these streams but choosing the right one is very difficult!

According to CBSE 32lakh students appeared each year on the 10th board, which is a huge number but many of the students are not sure about what to choose next.

 Few huge mistakes students do that is:

  1. Choosing any stream on parents’ pressure or wish.
  2. Choosing a stream because his\her best friend is doing the same.
  3. They have less knowledge about each individual stream.

Career Options after 10th

1) Science

science stream is best for doctors and engineers

Science is the most popular and favorite stream of parents and students because it consists of a lot of famous career options like engineers, Doctors, IT professionals, and researchers. 

Science is all about having a problem-solving ability which is one of the important expectations of society. The best advantage of taking science stream is you can switch it to commerce or arts which you can do in the other two.

You should choose the science stream if the following conditions match with you.

  • If maths, biology, and physics are your favorite subjects.
  • If you want to be an IT professional or you want to do something in the field of technology you can choose ( P-C-M) Physics, chemistry, mathematics.
  • Some students face problems in maths, so don’t worry you can choose (P-C-B) Physics, Chemistry, and biology.
  • If you want to do something in the field of science like researchers, scientists, space, Medical, Pharma, Computer software, etc.

 comment below in the comment section why you are choosing the science stream.

2) Commerce

Commerce is the 2nd most popular and preferable career option after science. 

If you love Numbers, Finance, business study, and Economics then you should choose commerce as your career option.

In Commerce, you will study Business activities and trades such as the exchange of goods and services from producer to the final consumer.

The main subjects include in the commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 are Economics, Accountancy, and Business Studies.

Choose this stream if you have a genuine interest in these subjects and have a very keen interest in numbers, economy, or business.

Choose commerce stream if the following condition matches you.

  • You are very like to read about the business, economy or you want to do something in this field.
  • Economics, Accountancy & Business studies are the important part of commerce, choose commerce stream if you are interested in this stuff.

Comment below if you have any doubts about the commerce stream and if you are going to take the commerce stream comment below the reason.

3) Arts/ Humanities

The arts stream offers a lot of career options to students & nowadays more students are preferring for Arts stream. This stream includes performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, humanities, etc. It offers many famous career options like a journalist, Historians, psychologist, Designing arts, performing arts, etc.

Art will basically encourage your creativity and self-expression ability. If you are thinking to choose an art stream look for the following condition that matches you.

Students who thinks himself as a creative person or who love with artwork like, Visual arts( painting, sculpting, drawing, etc), performing arts ( music, drama, dance, etc).

Students who love to read about history, or languages can also choose an art stream. Those who are interested in History, law, humanities subjects, geography, political science, etc.

Comment below if you have any questions related to the art stream and comment on the reason you are choosing the art stream.

After the 10th you have the following career options apart from this three-stream.

  • Intermediate – For intermediate, you can choose any of the above streams we have discussed yet.
  • ITI ( Industrial training institute) – After the 10th class, you can also do ITI courses for jobs, like Electrician, Mechanical, Instrument mechanic, mechanical computer hardware, etc.
  • Polytechnic – you can also do polytechnic courses like Mechanical, Computer, Automobile, Civil, chemicals. Polytechnic colleges offer diploma courses for the duration of 3, 2, and 1 year.
  • Paramedical – You can do paramedic courses like DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology), DOA(Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant), DOT (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant).

Conclusion: It is very obvious that you will have to figure it out yourself. Which sector attracts you a lot. Even if you have any doubts related to this you can connect with us. Click here. We will guide you and give you a free consultation for your concerns.

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